Comsenso Completed Maintenance on April 2nd and 3rd 2022

Maintenance carried out without problems. No issues experienced.


To continue to provide you with the most reliable service, the following maintenance is required:

LOCAL: SATURDAY, 02 APR 22:00 – SUNDAY, 03 APR 06:00
UTC: SATURDAY, 02 APR 20:00 – SUNDAY, 03 APR 04:00


Planned maintenance action: Please be advised that Equinix and an approved contractor will be performing preventive maintenance on the main low-voltage distribution panel F at data centre AM5

This maintenance involves switching the primary or redundant power supply(s) to multiple cabinets off for a time frame of 8 hours. After the maintenance is completed the power supply will be switched back on.

During these works, the remaining feed(s) to our cabinets will remain available and UPS and generator backed.

Recommended action: All cabinets and critical equipment have redundant power feeds installed. The redundancy and the presence of any defective power supply units or other equipment that could jeopardise functionality during the activity has been checked, so no impact is expected, altough we will run on 1 power feed only during the maintenance period, hence no full redundancy will be available during these hours.

Duration: 8 hours

Cage # Cabinet # Serial # Circuit Type
000Z2A 0712 21688196 Redundant
000Z2A 0713 AM5.3.00003902 Redundant
000Z2A 0713 AM5.3.00003904 Redundant
000Z2A 0714 AM5.3.00003906 Redundant
000Z2A 0714 AM5.3.00003908 Redundant
000Z2A 0715 AM5.3.00003910 Redundant
000Z2A 0715 AM5.3.00003912 Redundant
000Z2A 0716 20942867 Redundant
000Z2A 0717 21287795 Redundant