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For non-Dutch speakers an English recap of our website is provided below, summarizing the most important facts on Comsenso and the services we offer.

About Comsenso

Comsenso provides its national and international clients with secure, cost efficient, reliable ICT infrastructure and Security solutions. Using the latest technologies and state of the art equipment, we deliver our clients the highest possible quality of service, process management and overall performance. We believe that our clients and resellers should be Comsenso ambassadors. To make that happen, the attitude, skill set and experience of our people are of the essence. Pairing professionalism with common sense, we continue to deliver.

reselling partners

Comsenso does not operate in solitude and offers its portfolio to the market partly through a carefully selected number of reselling partners, which have been trained to understand our products. They have recognized the value of Comsenso’s products, services and specialist knowledge and have decided to become a reselling partner. To these partners, Comsenso’s specialist portfolio is complementary to their own.

technology vendors

At Comsenso, we select our vendors with care, after an extensive selection- and test procedure, to ensure that our solutions are based on state-of-the-art technology and on the products of leaders in their area. To be able to offer the best possible ‘Common Sense Solutions’ to our customers, Comsenso has associated itself with a select group of market leading vendors. Vendors benefit form quality in the reseller channel. Needless to say that they demand Comsenso to acquire technical know-how of their products and maintain the required technical certification. Comsenso aclaims this and our continuing and extensive vendor certification program guarantees that our skills are always up to date. As an example, five of our engineers are certified as Fortinet NSE-4, three as NSE-5, five as NSE-6 en one as NSE7. That’s why Fortinet named Comsenso Partner of Excellence and granted us the Fortinet Gold MSSP-partnerstatus. Likewise Comsenso is certified reseller for products of Cisco, Riverbed, VMware, F5, Gemalto, PulseSecure, SentinelOne, Microsoft, Veeam, SilverPeak, RSA, TrendMicro, Keytalk, Appliansys and others.

ISO27001, SOC2 and ISAE3402 certification

At Comsenso, we believe in standards, albeit applied with common sense and not for the sake of using standards alone. Our processes follow the ITIL-standard and our Information Security Management System has been audited and certified by Det Norske Veritas. On top of that, our service organisation has been audited and certified according to the ISAE3402 (SOC2) type II norm, guaranteeing the proper functioning of our processes during the past 6 months. Comsenso also employs two CISSP’s and one CEH and our technicians are all vendor-certified on the products we service. Please contact our Security Officer for our Statement of Applicability or audit reports.


It is our mission and ultimate goal is to make the life of our national and international clients easier by providing them with secure, cost-effective and carefree world class ICT-infrastructure services with an unmatched quality, against a great price. By doing so we hope to turn them into enthusiastic and happy ambassadors for Comsenso, because they can focus on what they do best: their core-business.


By making use of good products, common sense, intelligent design and virtualization of infrastructure, we can raise the quality of our client’s ICT-environment considerably, while at the same time lowering their costs. In order to achieve this, the dedication, commitment and years of experience of our people are indispensable. Comsenso wants to be a specialist in information access and -security, where our people can develop their full potential and feel at home.


Keywords are organic growth, involvement with our partners and clients and a natural quality and professionalism in our service. Comsenso is not a slick sales and marketing organization, but a dedicated group of professionals that works as one for small and large international companies, with a self-evident quality, supported by ISO27001 certified policies and procedures, which our customers experience as surprising and refreshing. Comsenso wants to provide a working environment that is seen by all involved as professional, inspiring and pleasant. Comsenso delivers her ICT-services and products with respect for people and the environment, directly to the end-customer or through resellers.

Quality statement

Comsenso is committed to providing high quality products and services, effective project management and outstanding customer service. Our products and services are designed and built to meet and exceed our client’s expectations. Our processes are continually evaluated and improved so we can be of better service to you. We ensure our employees have the skills and qualifications they need, and provide them with opportunities for training and personal development.

Questions about your IT-infrastructure?

The rest of our website is in Dutch but most of us here at Comsenso are also fluent in English. If you call us on +31 882 666 666 we’ll be more than happy to discuss any ICT infrastructure-related issue you may have. Alternatively you can fill in the contact form below and one of our experts will call you back as soon as possible.

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