Acceptable Use Policy


This Acceptable Use Policy is drawn up in English to accomodate international uses. The purpose of this Acceptable Usage Policy, Net etiquette and Rules of Conduct (AUP) document is to promote proper, legal access to, and use of, Comsenso’s network, services and data, and to provide information to assist users to understand how Comsenso BV  (“Comsenso”):

  • Protects Comsenso’s network against irresponsible use and illegal and criminal activities
  • Enhances the functionality, performance and integrity of Comsenso services
  • Enhances the privacy, security and reliability of the Comsenso’s Network, the networks of our clients, business partners, and employees

This AUP also provides terms, and describes certain actions Comsenso might take, in order to support these objectives.

The Comsenso Network is defined as the backbone operated by Comsenso and used for the provision, via one or more layers, of Comsenso’s services, including all related systems, services, or products, etc.